Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 2009 Book Deal Announcment


For More Info, Please contact: Leslie Rivers, International (http://www.leslierivers.com/), Attn: Judith Bruni, P.O. Box 940772, Houston, Texas 77094-7772, 281-493-5822, LRivers@LeslieRivers.com

Book Deal Announcement
Houston, Texas –

Leslie Rivers, International, a Houston-based Literary Agency, is pleased to announce Agent Judith Bruni closed a book deal on May 4, 2009, between Mercury Retrograde Press, located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and Leona Wisoker of Williamsburg, Virginia. Bruni sold World English rights (except India) for Wisoker’s debut novel, a fantasy entitled Secrets of Blood and Sand.

Barbara Friend Ish, the publisher and editor-in-chief of Mercury Retrograde Press, intends to publish Ms. Wisoker’s book in Trade Paper Format and e-books in Spring, 2010. Says Ms. Ish: “Ms. Wisoker is a very exciting new talent, and we’re looking forward to more works from this author.”

In Secrets of Blood and Sand, Cafad Scratha, a powerful desert lord with a persecution complex, believes everyone is lying to him. When his obsession collides with the king's efforts to rebuild the shattered realm, the orphaned street-thief Idisio and the king’s one-time lover Alyea become pawns in their multilayered game. The secret world into which Idisio and Alyea are drawn will not only change their lives: it will change them. Forever.

Leslie Rivers, International, a global literary agency, delivers individualized client service with trusted care. Its purpose is to provide a pathway for authors to realize their visions. Please visit http://www.leslierivers.com/ for more information on Leslie Rivers, International.

Mercury Retrograde press publishes fantasy, science fiction, and interstitial works in Trade Paper and eBook formats. Fantasy with a literary edge and character-driven science fiction are specialties of the house. Please visit http://mercuryretrogradepress.com/ for more information on Mercury Retrograde Press books and authors.

Ms. Wisoker’s fantasy short story, “Charon in Tahiti”, was published this month in http://www.anotherealm.com/, a free monthly magazine featuring fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. More information on Ms. Wisoker may be found at: http://www.dreamleafcreations.com/.