Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pennies to Heaven: Be a Gulf Coast Angel

Leslie Rivers, International (LRI),, supports community efforts on a volunteer basis. You may remember that in Sep 2008, Hurricane Ike, devastated the Gulf Coast area. It is the 3rd most costly storm in American History, causing $27B in damages. It damaged 22 Texas counties and more than 1500 miles throughout the USA. 75% of the structures in Galveston County sustained damages. LRI feels if we all work together in both small and large ways, we can make a bigger difference. LRI is launching the "Pennies to Heaven -Be a Gulf Coast Angel" campaign where everyone can participate. You can simply and easily donate your loose change--from purses, pockets, ashtrays, cars, drawers, piggy banks, home containers--to Pennies to Heaven and 100% will go to the Bush-Clinton Ike Relief Fund ( which supports many non-profit organizations supporting Ike recovery. You are welcome to contribute directly to the site as well. If you do, please be advised that 3% will go toward their website and please let us know that you did that and the amount, so we can account for the difference being made thru this campaign. If you contribute to Pennies to Heaven, 100% will go toward the Ike Relief Fund. This campaign will begin March, 2009.